Basic education for adults

At STEP Education, you can study the entire syllabus of basic education or a part of it by participating in basic education for adults.  Alternatively, you can finish your basic education or improve the grades in your basic education certificate. We take into account your earlier competences, and your study programme is planned individually according to the courses you need to reach your study objective. If you cannot read or write, you can participate in basic education for adults in the literacy group.

The purpose of the studies in basic education for adults is to offer a possibility to achieve the knowledge and skills of basic education as well as to improve your eligibility for further studies. Students in the basic education for adults arranged by STEP Education are typically young adults aged 17–25 years. However, we can also admit older students to the education if the studies are considered appropriate for their overall plan and study path.  People with different backgrounds can apply to the education. Please see a more detailed list of target groups for the education on the website of the Finnish National Agency for Education at link .

Basic education for adults is offered on the Järvenpää campus. The Ruokolahti campus offers basic education for adults in co-operation with the municipality of Rautjärvi.

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Eva Uronen
Opettaja Järvenpää +358 401906944
Katarina McAlester
Opinto-ohjaaja Järvenpää +358 401930417

STEP Education has also authorisation to provide education for grades 7 to 9 of basic education on the Pieksämäki campus. At the moment, STEP Education does not, however, provide basic education in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum for basic education. Instead, basic education is provided in accordance with the requirements of the curriculum for basic education for adults.

More infomation about basic education for immigrants: studyinfo (